How iBeacons increase effectiveness of loyalty programs

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The majority of people today use their smartphones to interact with everything around them. This is a whole new environment and many business owners are exploring ways to adapt. Connecting with these devices is a natural way to engage with the customers, but how can you do that without being invasive?

Enters the iBeacon protocol – a small device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones in a range of several meters. New doors can be opened to enhance loyalty programs beyond the traditional loyalty cards.

 Full control over branding and message

The app used to communicate with the iBeacon device is the main driver for the experience that will convert the customer into a loyal client. Make sure that you keep a brand consistency — a platform like Wallet Circle gives full control over the look and feel of your app and adapts your card for the deal that you want to promote.

Reward your customers without hassle

Using iBeacons to reward customers creates an engaging experience. Once a client enters the iBeacon’s communication field, his smartphone will compute the visit and automatically reward him based on the criteria you choose. A customer loyalty program based in apps Your staff will then be free to handle other tasks.Forget the paper cards or scanners at the till —

Relevant insights on how your customers engage with your store

Imagine the scenario where a loyal customer goes in your store, stays for 3 minutes and decides to leave. iBeacons can detect not only this but any customer that goes near your front door. You can see who is passing by, how long they stayed and which departments they visited — even if they didn’t purchase anything. Scanning a card at the till seems outdated now, right?

Engage with your dormant customer or push custom deals as soon as someone enters your store

Once the customer installs the app in their phones, you will be able to send push notifications promoting special deals, bringing dormant clients back to your store. Or you can use the app to push a deal as soon as someone enters your store. A conversion is more likely to happen if the engagement happens before the customer decides what to buy.

iBeacons are easy to implement

You don’t need to purchase expensive tablets or computers to implement iBeacons in your store. Just place the little device in a strategic place in your store and ask your customer to download the app that will handle the engagement.

Wallet Circle

If you are looking for a platform to handle your iBeacon loyalty program, take a look at Wallet Circle. Get in touch with us and see how we can get your campaign running.

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