10 tips to get more of your customers downloading Wallet Circle

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-A proprietary app might not be the route to get more customer loyalty- (8)
If you’re already working with Wallet Circle, then you’ll understand that the more users you have, the more data you’ll capture. That means more insight and a larger audience for you to reach with special offers through Wallet Circle.

So how can you get more users? We’re glad you asked! Here’s our Top 10 Guide to getting more mobile loyalty card users for your business:

  1. Have you and your team reviewed our Quick Start Guide? Do all of your cashiers know how Wallet Circle works? Are they comfortable using it? If there are any problems or our system isn’t working for you, tell us at hello@walletcircle.com
  2. Are the flyer and business cards we supplied visible?  If they’re not, how else will your customers know about your loyalty scheme? Try displaying the marketing material by your till so its easily spotted and catches your customer’s attention.
  3. If your staff are telling your customers about your mobile loyalty card on Wallet Circle, do they know everything they need to? Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend time training them if you don’t want to: Our app has a help section that explains how to use it.
  4. Are you still running a paper loyalty card scheme? Dropping the paper loyalty option will push customers to mobile. A mobile loyalty card is environmentally friendly and will never need to be reprinted – saving you money – and can rarely be forgotten, so offer your customers the smart(phone) option!
  5. Do you have WiFi that your customers can use? We can reprint your flyers with your unique WiFi access details – tell your customers about Wallet Circle and get them downloading it there and then!
  6. Trying giving your customers their first stamp for free to kick start their collection. 
  7. Offer an incentive for customers downloading the app. Some of our business customers who are experiencing huge growth offer their visitors a free coffee to customers who start using Wallet Circle. Substitute coffee for any low cost, high perceived value product you can offer.
  8. Are you telling your customers about your mobile loyalty card on social media?
  9. Is your loyalty scheme simple? Is it clear how customers can get stamps and there aren’t lots of terms and conditions? What’s the minimum spend to get a stamp? Is it unusually high?
  10. Do you offer a reward that is worth saving for and is it accessible? Do customers need a lot of stamps – and a lot of patience – to get a reward?

What do you think of our tips? Are you already trying them all? How are you getting on? Is there anything else we can do to help you?

Don’t be shy. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you setting up your loyalty campaign.

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