The Wallet Circle app is available on Apple (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Android devices only.

The Wallet Circle app is compatible with:

  • iPhones: 4S and above
  • Android: 4.3 and above
iPhone customers can download the app from the App store. Android phone users can find the app in the Google Play store. They just need to search “Wallet Circle” and click on the install button when they see the app.
The app can also be downloaded from walletcircle.com/app which is accessible on mobiles
Once the customer downloads the app, they show the mobile loyalty card for your business to the cashier. The cashier should hold Wallet Circles’ small digital stamping device (the iBeacon) close to the customer’s mobile phone and a stamp will appear.
Please ask the customer to check that their Bluetooth and Location services are enabled.
The Wallet Circle app needs to identify a customer’s location so they receive a stamp for the relevant store.
The customer needs to select the relevant Loyalty card on the app then click on the ‘Redeem’ button. They then show the redemption screen to the cashier who verifies it by bringing Wallet Circles’ stamping device close to the customers’ phone. A popup then appears on the app redemption screen confirming that the customers’ reward has been redeemed successfully.
Once a customers’ card is full and they have redeemed all their existing rewards, a new card is generated automatically.
A stamp should appear on iPhones within 1 -2 seconds. Stamping can take longer (3-4 seconds) on some Android handsets as Bluetooth signal detection is not as strong.  The iBeacon should be held to the customers smartphone until a stamp appears.
There is a time limit between each stamp that prevents this from happening.
Customers can input the number of stamps they need then verify this with the cashier.
No, we adjust the range of the iBeacon so it only works a few millimetres from each customer’s smartphone.