Why Retailers Cannot Ignore Proximity Marketing Any More!

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You’ve surely heard all the buzz about beacon and proximity marketing. BI Intelligence reported that 4.5 billion active beacons will be installed by 2018, with 3.5 million being in use by retailers. Furthermore, mobile proximity is poised to be the fastest growing player in mobile spending. It’s a retail marketing tactic that has moved from a […]

Why is Online Personalised Communication with Customers Important for Brick-n-Mortar Businesses?

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We’ve all seen the wide-reaching adoption of mobile over the past decade. Now, customers carry devices wherever they go and check them frequently throughout the day. They use them to shop, socialise, play, and manage other parts of day-to-day life. What does this mean for a brick-n-mortar business owner? You now have the opportunity to […]

How iBeacons increase effectiveness of loyalty programs

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The majority of people today use their smartphones to interact with everything around them. This is a whole new environment and many business owners are exploring ways to adapt. Connecting with these devices is a natural way to engage with the customers, but how can you do that without being invasive? Enters the iBeacon protocol – […]

How to use iBeacons right ?

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Two years ago, iBeacons were the cool new technology that Apple put into its iOS7 that was going to slay QR codes and every other mobile marketing technology while simultaneously transforming the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. When they first launched, many marketers assumed iBeacons themselves delivered content to users but they are really just a relay […]

10 tips to get more of your customers downloading Wallet Circle

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If you’re already working with Wallet Circle, then you’ll understand that the more users you have, the more data you’ll capture. That means more insight and a larger audience for you to reach with special offers through Wallet Circle. So how can you get more users? We’re glad you asked! Here’s our Top 10 Guide […]

Why is Wallet Circle better than a branded app?

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We’re often asked by our business customers how a shared loyalty app with multiple other businesses could possibly be better than having their own app. After all what business wouldn’t want its own app, right? You can do so much more than loyalty. You can put your own branding and content on it, it’s all […]


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